Tuesday, August 21, 2018

River Tweed and Norham Castle Cycle

This cycle is 14 miles and will take about 1hr 25 minutes. It will take you from Paxton to the village of Norham and the magnificent Norham Castle via the River Tweed and back to Paxton via Ladykirk.

1. From Paxton village turn right onto the B6461 towards Kelso, passing Paxton House. Continue along this road for a while before turning left towards the Chain Bridge Honey Farm, signposted to Horncliffe and Tweedhill. After a while the road descends a hill towards the River Tweed. 

2. Cycle across the Union Chain Bridge into Northumberland. Turn right at the end to ascend the hill past the honey farm. Stop at the top to admire the wonderful view of the River tweed and the bridge.

River Tweed and Union Chain Bridge

3. Continue along this road, passing a large house on the right before turning right at the junction towards Horncliffe and Norham. At the end of this road turn right (white houses on your left towards Norham.As you approach Norham the remains of the one magnificent castle will appear on the right. It is well worth stopping here and taking a look.

Norham Castle

4. From the castle continue down the hill and proceed through the village. Turn right at the junction and leave Norham behind as you head towards the Ladykirk and Norham Bridge, spanning the River Tweed. Cross the bridge and the border before immediately ascending a steep hill. At the top turn right towards Ladykirk.

Ladykirk Church

5. Continue through Ladykirk passing the very impressive church on the left before reaching the pretty hamlet of Horndean. Carry on until you reach the junction with the B6461. Turn right and proceed along this road until you reach Paxton House. Turn left and then the first right and back into Paxton.


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