Thursday 26 July 2018

Union Chain Bridge

Union Chain Bridge

The Union Chain Bridge is a suspension bridge crossing the River Tweed between Fishwick in Scotland to Horncliffe in England.  From Paxton take the B6461 towards Kelso and turn left towards the Chain Bridge Honey Farm and Horncliffe. The road takes you over the bridge and into England.

When the bridge was opened in 1820 it was the longest wrought iron suspension bridge in the world and was the first bridge of this type in the United Kingdom to carry vehicles. Today it remains the oldest suspension bridge still carrying road traffic. The opening of the bridge attracted a crowd of about 700 spectators who crossed the river via the bridge. Initially tolls were charged for crossing the bridge but this ceased in 1885. In 1902 cables were added and since then the bridge has been refurbished and strengthened many times. In October 2020 the bridge was closed and dismantled. After major renovation it was reassembled and returned to its former glory, eventually opening again on the 17th April 2023.

It is a delightful bridge with outstanding views across the tranquil River Tweed. A relaxing walk along the river bank from the bridge to Horncliife or to Paxton House is a great way to enjoy wonderful views of the river and bridge.

Travel over the bridge from Scotland and up the hill on the opposite side near Horncliffe and you will be rewarded with a fabulous view of the bridge. A visit to the Chain Bridge
Honey Farm is recommended.

Near Fishwick

Near Horncliffe

River Tweed

April 2023 

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