Friday 3 August 2018


Horndean Village
Horndean is a small peaceful village in the Scottish Borders close to the village of Ladykirk and about 4 miles from Paxton on the B6461. The village is surrounded by countryside and set in an idyllic location.

It is thought that the remains of Horndean Church date back to the 12th century when it was granted by the local landowner, William de Vetteriponte to Kelso Abbey. The church was dedicated to the Holy Rood. In the 1500's, after the reformation, the parish was amalgamated with Ladykirk and Hutton. Although the church continued to be used, by the end of the 16th or early 17th century it had been abandoned and fallen into disuse. In 1725 it was described as a ruin. However, burials in the burial ground continued into the19th century. All that remains today are foundations, covered in grass lying within an overgrown burial enclosure.

At the same location as the church is reference to St Leonards Hospital. Robert Byseath, Lord of Upsettlington grand the hospital to Kelso Abbey in about 1240. In 1300 it was still held by Kelso Abbey when provision was made for a chaplain and two poor people. 

View To Norham Castle From A Viewpoint Between Horndean And Ladykirk

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