Sunday 12 July 2020

Paxton To Duns Castle Cycle

This cycle from Paxton to Duns Castle is about 11.5 miles and will take approximately 1hr. After initially travelling along the B6460 you will cycle over the Blackadder Water and through countryside before a short cycle through the town of Duns and ending at the entrance to Duns Castle. 

1. Starting from the Cross Inn head out of the village passing the church on your right. Just after the church turn left and at the end of the road turn right onto the B6460 towards Greenlaw. 

The Cross Inn, Paxton

Paxton Church

2. Proceed along this road for about 6 miles. After passing the road to Allanton take the next right turn towards Kelloe. Proceed along this road and after a short distance take a left turn. After passing some house on your right continue along this road until you reach Mouth Bridge which crosses the Blackadder Water.

Mouth Bridge

Blackadder Water From Mouth Bridge

3. Carry on over the bridge and up a steep hill. Continue along this road for quite a while until eventually you will take a left turn. As you proceed along this road you will pass the entrance to Wedderburn Castle on your left before arriving at a T junction.

Entrance To Wedderburn Castle

4. Turn right and proceed along this road until you reach the outskirts of Duns. Turn left onto the A6105 which will take you into Duns. Turn right at the roundabout by the petrol station and proceed up the hill. At the top turn right towards Preston.  Take a left turning to Duns Castle. 

5. Cycle to the end of the road and into the castle grounds until you reach the Gatehouse. You cannot proceed any further but take the path on your right which will take you into the parkland and to the pond.


The Hen Poo

Duns Castle

6. Retrace your steps and return to Paxton.

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