Borders Home Page

Welcome to my Borders blog. This is my quick guide to places of interest within the Scottish Borders, North Northumberland and surrounding areas.

The Borders are stunningly beautiful and steeped in history with so many fantastic places to see and visit. Breathtaking countryside views, glorious sandy beaches, historic castles and churches, ancient hill forts, rolling hills, tranquil rivers and magnificent bridges make this unspoilt and quiet area a place to relax and unwind.  

This guide focuses on places of interest that can be visited in a day from the village of Paxton within the Scottish Borders. These are places that we have visited and include our own photographs. Also included are are some lovely borders walks and interesting cycles routes from Paxton around the local area.

Not everywhere is on here yet but it is work in progress and updated regularly. I hope you enjoy visiting here as much as we enjoy living in this beautiful part of Great Britain. 



  1. This website was exactly what I was looking for. Having explored the more well know areas up and down the beautiful coast in Northumberland and Scotland, and been inland to the cheviots and other areas, I was searching for some lesser known 'hidden gems' and have several suggestions from your site already planned in to visit on my next trip. thank you!

    1. Sorry I didn't reply sooner but I have only just seen your comment. So glad you have found my blog useful. The coast and the Cheviots are beautiful but as you said it is nice to visit some lesser known places. We love living here and exploring new places, I hope you enjoy visiting some of them on your next visit.