Sunday 7 July 2019

Edin's Hall Broch Walk

Edin's Hall Broch is a 2nd century broch in the Lammermuir Hills about 8 miles from the market town of Duns and near to the village of Abbey St Bathans. The broch, situated on the northeast slope of Cockburn Law and surrounded by the remains of an Iron Age hill fort has far reaching views across the hills and down to the river valley of the Whiteadder Water

This lovely walk is about 2.5 miles each way and involves a small amount of uphill climbing over rough ground. The route is well signposted. The walk starts at a small car park near the A6112, following a woodland track down to the Whiteadder Water before crossing via the Elba suspension bridge. The final stage takes you across fields and uphill to the broch. 

1. From Duns Take the A6112  towards Granthouse. After about 5 miles turn left at the sign for Edin’s Hall Broch and after a short distance park in a signposted lay-by on the left. From the lay-by follow the road/track through woodland slowly heading downhill to the Whiteadder Water. At the bottom do not cross the ford but turn left and follow the path to the Elba suspension footbridge. 


Elba Suspension Footbridge

2. Cross the bridge (the bridge will move in the wind and only two people are allowed on 
the bridge at the same time), stopping to admire the river as it cuts its way through this beautiful ancient gorge.

Whiteadder Water

3. After crossing the bridge take the path to the right and follow it through some trees before crossing a lawned area beside the river. Cross over the small track (the ford will be on your right and a farm on your left) and head straight ahead up some steps. Follow the footpath until you reach a wooden gate. Be careful not to frighten the chickens and geese you will meet along this path.

4. Go through the gate and follow the right side of the field with the river beside you. At the end of the field the sign directs you left beside a stone wall and up a small hill to a set of steps over the wall at the top. Alternatively cross the field diagonally towards the small hill at the end and take the track which will take you gently up the slope.

5. Climb over the stone wall using the steps and head across another field to another stone wall opposite and again cross using the steps.  

6. After crossing the wall follow the well trodden path up the hill. There is a small amount of uphill climbing over uneven ground but the path will soon start to level out. At the top you will begin to see some of the remains of the Iron Age hill fort and the broch will come into view. 

Approaching The Broch

Edin's Hall Broch

View From Cockburn Law

7. Retrace your steps and return to the car park.

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