Monday 13 July 2020

The Three Blackadder Bridges Cycle

This cycle is 21.8 miles and will take about 1hr 45 Minutes and will take you from Paxton, over the Blackadder Water via three bridges and back to Paxton via Whitsome.

1. Starting from the Cross Inn head out of the village passing the church on your right. Just after the church turn left and at the end of the road turn right onto the B6460 towards Greenlaw. 

The Cross Inn, Paxton

2. Proceed along this road for about 8 miles before reaching Sinclairs Hill. Once you reach Sinclairs Hill take the first turning on your right (not signposted) and carry on until your reach Kimmerghame Bridge, which crosses the Blackadder Water. 

Kimmerghame Bridge

The Blackadder Water From Kimmerghame Bridge

3. Cycle over the bridge and continue up the road passing over another smaller bridge at Mungo's Wall and passing some cottages on the left. After passing the entrance to Wedderburn Castle take the next right turn.

Near Mungo's Wall

4. Proceed along this road passing another entrance to Wedderburn Castle until you reach a junction. Turn right and continue along this road for a while before descending a hill towards the Blackadder Water and Mouth Bridge.

Entrance To Wedderburn Castle

Mouth Bridge

The Blackadder Water From Mouth Bridge

5. Retrace your steps back up the hill and take the first turning on the right. Carry on along this road until you reach a junction and a house opposite. Turn right and cycle along this road until you pass over the Blackadder Water for the third time via Kelloe Bridge. Continue along this road until you arrive at the junction with the B6460.

Kelloe Bridge

Blackadder Water From Kelloe Bridge

6. Turn left and then take the next right towards Ravelaw B&B. Carry on past the guest house and after passing some houses on the right and up a small hill you will arrive at a T junction with the B6437. Follow the road up the hill and through the village of Whitsome before turning right at "Smiths Skip Hire".


7. Follow the road up a small hill and take the first turning on the left. You will see a Hilton sign on the right as you turn. This is a long road and will take you up a hill and past Hilton Mains on your right and some cottages on the left. Continue along this road for another mile before the road bends to the left (Winfield Farm on the right). This road continues for quite a while until after passing through a tunnel of trees you will arrive at the junction with the main road. 

8. Turn left at the junction and join the B6461 to return to Paxton. Turn left opposite Paxton House and then turn right into Paxton. At the end of the road turn right to arrive back at the Cross Inn.

Paxton House


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