Thursday 13 August 2020

Paxton To Cheswick Sands Via Ancroft Cycle

This lovely cycle takes you through countryside to the village of Ancroft with it's impressive Norman church and on to the gloriously sandy beach at Cheswick Sands. It is about 14 miles and will take about Ihr 15mins. Allow plenty of time for lunch, a visit to Ancroft church, a trip to the beach and the return journey.

1. From Paxton village turn right onto the B6461 towards Kelso passing Paxton House. Continue along this road for a while before turning left towards the Chain Bridge Honey Farm, signposted to Horncliffe and Tweedhill. After a while the road descends the hill towards the River Tweed.

Union Chain Bridge

River Tweed From The Union Chain Bridge
2. Cycle across the Union Chain Bridge into Northumberland, Turn right at the end to ascend the hill past the honey farm. Stop at the top to admire the wonderful view of the River Tweed and the bridge. Continue  along this road, passing a large house on the right before turning right at the junction towards Horncliffe and Norham. At the end of this road turn left (white houses on your left), through the remains of a disused railway bridge before turning right onto the A698.

River Tweed And The Union Chain Bridge
3. After a short while take the first turning on the left towards Shoreswood and Thornton. Continue along this road until you reach a right hand turn (looks like a fork). Take this turning and carry on along this long road before reaching a junction. turn left towards West Allerdean and Ancroft.

4. Continue along this road, passing Shoreswood on the right before arriving at West Allerdean. Proceed straight across at the staggered junction and continue along this country lane for about 2.5 miles before arriving at the village of Ancroft.  Turn right at the junction onto the B6525 towards Wooler. After a short while you will see a sign to the old Norman church on the left which is well worth a visit. 

St Anne's Church, Ancroft

5. After the church continue on the B6525 and take a left hand turning signposted to Haggerston. At the end of this road turn left in the direction of Berwick-Upon-Tweed and continue until you reach the A1. To cross this busy road it is advisable to dismount and walk. Turn left and walk along the grass verge before crossing the road. Once across take the road on the right towards, Cheswick and Goswick. 

6. Proceed down this road through the village of Cheswick. Take the second turning on the left towards a farm and some cottages (not signposted). Continue along this road over a humpbacked bridge before reaching a small parking area and the sand dunes of Cheswick beach ahead. To access this wonderful beach climb the dunes and down to the beach.

7. Retrace your step from the car park past the cottages and farm before turning right at the junction. Take the next right and continue along this road until you reach the A1. Do not cross the road immediately but turn right and cycle along the tarmac path, crossing when it ends and continuing on the path on the opposite side of the road before take a turning on the left towards Oxford. At the end of this road turn left opposite a farm shop rejoining the B6525 back to Ancroft. 

8. On reaching Ancroft turn right towards West Allerdean and retrace your steps back to Paxton via the Chain Bridge. 

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