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Bamburgh is a small picturesque village on the North Northumberland coast. It is a about 5 miles from the A1 on the B1432 and a few miles north of Seahouses becoming popular with visitors to the magnificent Bamburgh Castle. The village contains numerous gift shops and places to eat and is a lovely place to spend a relaxing afternoon. In the peaceful churchyard of St Aidan's church is the tomb of Grace Darling and directly opposite is the Grace Darling Museum.

Bamburgh Beach is a beautiful, wild sandy beach overlooked by the towering castle. the beach, backed by sand dunes has stunning views to Holy island and the Farne Islands. It is worth taking a walk to the stag rocks and the lighthouse.

Inner Farne Island

Holy Island

Bamburgh Castle
Bamburgh Castle is a magnificent ancient fortress overlooking A glorious sandy beach. Situated on the top of a rocky outcrop the castle has wonderful views to Holy Island and the Farne Islands.

Bamburgh Castle was built by the Normans in the late 11th century to replace a Celtic Brittonnic Fort known as Din Guarie, which was destroyed by the Vikings. By 1164 the keep had been built and the castle was complete. The Forster family were governors of the castle until 1700  when Lord Crew and his son John took over. In 1894 the castle was purchased by William Armstrong, a Victorian Industrialist. The castle is still owned by the Armstrong family who remain in residence. 

Bamburgh Castle

Bamburgh Castle

St Aidan's Church
St Aidan's Church was built in the 12th century, replacing the original wooden church founded by St Aidan in 635. In the peaceful churchyard of this picturesque church is the tomb of Grace Darling.

St Aidan's Church

View From The Church

Tomb Of Grace Darling

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