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The large village of Seahouses lies on the picturesque North Northumberland coast not from the magnificent Bamburgh Castle and about 9 miles from the A1. Seahouses is a fishing village and is popular with tourists taking the many boat trips trips to visit the Seabird Sanctuary and Grey Seals on the  Farne Islands.  The ticket offices of the companies line the quay offering a selection of different trips.

To both the north and south of the town are wonderful sandy beaches, ideal for a family day out. The harbour, also known as North Sunderland Harbour houses a mixture of traditional fishing boats and pleasure boats. The small town centre has a variety of shops including gift shops and some excellent fish and chip restaurants. After a trip out to sea indulge in some tasty fish and chips or spoil yourself with delicious ice cream. 

Seahouses is a young settlement and was originally part of the village of North Sunderland. Until the mid 1800's North Sunderland was a small settlement, focussing on agriculture, limestone quarrying and coal mining. In 1790 a small inner harbour was built at the coastal end in an area that was originally known as Sea Houses of North Sunderland. The harbour was used for ships transporting lime quarried in the local area. 

After the closure of the lime kilns in 1858 the local fishermen started to use the harbour for their fishing boats and to provide transport out to the Farne Islands for the growing tourist population. At the end of the 1880's to help boost the economy a new outer harbour was built, large enough to accommodate 300 fishing boats. The village became an important herring fishing and processing station, and in the summer months boats from all over the UK came to Seahouses to fish. The arrival of the railway in 1898 saw the end of commercial fishing at Seahouses.

The number of tourists visiting the Farne Islands continued to grow and the village took on a new role as a holiday and tourist destination, providing transport to the islands and overnight accommodation. The village continued to flourish and is now a bustling, popular tourist destination.


View from the Sea

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