Sunday 7 July 2019

Edin's Hall Broch

Edin's Hall Broch is a 2nd century broch in the Lammermuir Hills about 8 miles from the market town of Duns and near to the village of Abbey St Bathans. The broch, situated on the northeast slope of Cocklburn Law and surrounded by the remains of an Iron Age hill fort has far reaching views across the hills and down to the river valley of the Whiteadder Water

Edin's Hall Broch is only accessible on foot, either from Abbey St Bathans or walking via the Elba suspension footbridge from the parking area near the A6112. Both routes are about 2,5 miles and involve some uphill hill walking. 

Broch's are more common in Northwest Scotland and only a few have been found in Southern Scotland. Edin's Hall Broch dates from the 2nd century and was built within an old Iron Age hillfort whose remains surround the broch. The circular remains accessed via an entrance passage contain a number of chambers, cells and the remains of a stone stairway.

View of The Lammermuir Hills from Cocklburn Law

Remains of Iron Age Hill Fort 

Other Places Nearby
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