Saturday 22 June 2019

Manderston House

Manderston House is an elegant Edwardian Country House just outside the market town of Duns. This lovely house sits peacefully within beautiful gardens, woodland and parkland, boasting fabulous views from the house and terrace to the Cheviot Hills in the distance. In spring the woodland walk is ablaze with the assorted colours of the glorious rhododendrons and in summer brightly coloured roses pack the flower beds on the terrace and in the  gardens. 

Although the house is in residential use and some areas are private the remainder of the house is open to the public to wander through and experience Edwardian country living, from family and guest accommodation to the servants corridor and functional areas of the house. The house and gardens are surrounded by serene woodland and parkland where there are many walks through the woods or beside the tranquil lake. Near the gated entrance is the fascinating marble dairy and impressive stable. Within the stable block is an excellent tearoom, a great way to end a wonderful visit to Manderston House. 

The Marble Dairy

Manderston House was originally a square Georgian Mansion built in the 1790's for Mr Dalhousie Weatherstone. In 1855 Richard Miller bought the estate and after his death was bought by his younger brother William. William made a fortune trading hemp and herrings with the Russians and in 1874 was made a Baronet. In 1871 William had the house updated and extra servants room added. 

In 1877 William's estate, Baronetcy and fortune were passed to his second son James. James lived with his wife Eveline Curzon at Manderston House until his death in 1906. During this time extensive renovations and improvements were undertaken transforming the house into an elegant Edwardian Country House complete with a silver plated staircase. 

As James and Eveline had no heir the estate was passed to his brother John Alexander Miller and after his death to their sister Amy Elizabeth Miller who was married to Major-General Thomas Manbourg Bailie. The estate was passed through subsequent generations and is currently owned by the 4th Lord Palmer who continues to live at Manderston House.

The extensive gardens, consisting of beautiful flower beds, lawns and terraces that surround the house are intoxicating. An impressive lawn stretches from the terraces to a tranquil lake and boathouse with views beyond to the woodland, parkland and Cheviot Hills.  The gardens also boast a cricket pitch, tennis court and croquet lawn. In spring and summer these serene gardens and awash with the colour of Rhododendrons, Roses and other flowers. 

The Boathouse

Woodland and Parkland
Beyond the lake a number of paths meander through the tranquil woodland to the open parkland beyond. Through colourful Rhododendron bushes and beyond the shimmering lake are stunning views of the house and gardens. 

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