Tuesday 8 September 2020


The delightful fishing village of Burnmouth is situated on the east coast about 3 miles from Eyemouth and close to the A1. It is about 6 miles from Berwick-Upon-Tweed and easily accessible by car or bus. The village is on the route of the Berwickshire Coastal Path with spectacular views from the top of the cliffs.

Burnmouth, sited where a burn cuts through the high cliffs is split into two. Upper Burnmouth is situated at the top of the cliff and lower Burnmouth at the foot. Lower Burnmouth stretching along the foreshore is divided into four smaller communities connected by a small road. Lower Burnmouth is reached via an exceptionally steep cliffside road with fabulous views down to the picturesque harbour at the bottom. 

It is thought that in the middle ages there may have been a mill where the burn cuts through the cliffs. It was not until the 1830's that a fishing harbour was built which has been extended twice. On the harbour wall is a large plaque commemorating the victims of the 1881 Eyemouth fishing disaster, in which 24 Burnmouth fishermen drowned. 

Burnmouth Harbour

1881 Fishing Disaster Memorial

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