Saturday 11 July 2020

Ingram To Brough Law Walk

Ingram is a small village in the Cheviot Hills, within the Northumberland National Park.The walk from Ingam to the hill fort on the top of Brough Law is about 4 miles and will take about 2hrs minutes. The walk takes you through the picturesque Breamish Valley before mounting Brough Law to the hill fort at the top where you will rewarded with breathtaking views down to the valley and to the across to The Cheviots.

From Wooler take the A697 south towards Alnwick and Morpeth for about 8 miles before turning to the right towards Ingram and the Breamish Valley. Continue along this quiet road for 3 miles beside the River Breamish before crossing over the river at Ingram, parking in the car park on the left. Leave the car park via a gate by the river and join a path taking you through a small wooded area before reaching the cafe and the village church. The cafe has toilets and local information. The church is well worth a visit

River Breamish At Ingram

St Michaels And All Angels Church, Ingram

1. Leave the village and follow the road past some holiday cottages before reaching a junction. Turn left and follow the road past some houses set back from the road and an old post box on the right. You may also see the odd turkey or peacock. At the cattle grid stop and admire the stunning view across the valley to the hills.

2.  Continue along the road until you reach a car park (and toilets) on the right. The river here is shallow and the perfect place to sit and enjoy the magnificent scenery.

For a shorter walk park in the car park here and commence at step 3 below.

3. Cross the road from the car park at ascend the hill signposted to Brough Law.  On the way up are two benches where you can sit and admire the views.

(For a less strenuous climb head back down the road towards Ingram and turn right approaching the hill from the opposite side. This may take longer but the climb is gentler and just as rewarding).

Brough Law

View Of The Breamish Valley

Ascending The Hill
Approaching From The Other Side Of The Hill

4. Approaching the top of Brough Law the fort becomes visible, a large stone circle with fabulous views across the valley to The Cheviots. Standing on the edge of the hill fort with the wind whipping around you is exhilarating. This old hill fort is one of a number of ancient settlements in the hills and is a fascinating insight of times gone by.

Hill Fort On Brough Law

Cheviot Views

Cheviot Views
The hill fort trail continue from here which takes about 3hrs (see map by the car park).

 5. Retrace your steps and descend the hill back to the valley below. Follow the road back to the car park at Ingram

View Descending Brough Law

Looking Back To Brough Law


  1. We climbed Brough Law last week - great day out and we really appreciated your advice to take the gentler way up :)

    1. So glad you enjoyed it. It is one of our favourite walks with such spectacular views. The gentler climb up is definitely better. We haven't walked so much but have done lots of cycling.

      have tried to leave a comment on your last post but for some reason Word Press won't accept my comments, I can still like a post which I have done. Great Hetha and Humbleton Hill are on our list and we have now added Hepburn Woods and Chillingham Church....can't wait

    2. Oh, you'll enjoy those!
      Funnily enough I had terrible trouble leaving a comment on your website! I tried several times, and in the end decided that it was a Wordpress-Blogger problem! Anyhow, I'm delighted to see my comment got through - I might now try to leave more comments on your website ...

    3. I have just tried again and my comment disappeared. Maybe it is going into spam, who knows with these things. I can still like your posts and will enjoy reading your blog.

    4. My comments to you just disappear too! Weird!