Sunday 19 August 2018

Brough Law

Brough Law

Brough Law is one of the Cheviot Hills in the Northumberland National Park and forms part of the beautiful Breamish Valley. At the summit are the remains of an ancient stone hill fort and stunning views of the River Breamish and Valley below. There is parking just below the hill or alternatively in the village of Ingram which is about 30 minutes walk from Brough Law (Ingram to Brough Law Walk).

The climb up the hill is signposted and although the climb is fairly steep there are a few places to stop and rest. Alternatively head down the valley towards Ingram and turn right to take a gentler ascent around the other side of the hill. At the top are the remains of very impressive hill fort with a large stone defensive circle. From here the views across the valley are breathtaking.

Hill Fort And Views

Hill Fort
Stunning Views

Breamish Valley

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