Saturday 11 July 2020

Paxton To The Whiteadder Water Walk

The Whiteadder Water is a smaller river running past Paxton on its way to join the River Tweed and is a pleasant walk from Paxton.

Take the road out of the village (opposite direction to the church) and after a short while take the footpath on the left. Follow the path as it runs through a wooded area and then turns left up a small incline. Here the river is in a valley to the right although you may not be able to see it. At the end follow the footpath as it heads to the right. Continue on this path and you will soon approach some downhill steps. At the bottom you will be able to stand on the bridge and admire the dramatic rock formation and the Whiteadder Water.

Steps To The Whiteadder Water

Whiteadder Water

Whiteadder Water

Whiteadder Water

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