Saturday 11 July 2020

Hethpool Linn Walk

This delightful walk follows a circular route from Hethpool to Hethpool Linn returning via the lower slopes of Wester Tor. Hethpool is situated at the northern end of the Cheviot Hills in the College Valley.  From Wooler follow the A697 towards Coldstream for about 2.5 miles.  At Akeld turn left onto the B6351 and follow this road until you reach Kirknewton. Carry on a short distance to Westnewton and turn left, signposted to Hethpool. Follow this single track road for about 1.75 miles. Park in the car park just past the cottages at Hethpool on the left. Beyond the car park is the College Valley Estate. A permit is required for vehicles to use this road. Access is permitted on foot or by bicycle.

1. Leave the car park and turn right heading back along the road. Just past the cottages as the road bears to the left go through a gate on the right and follow the track, signposted St Cuthbert's Way downhill until you reach a stile on the left.

Car Park

2. Cross the stile and head straight across the field to a gate in the wall ahead.  Go through the gate and continue straight ahead to cross the boardwalk.Bear right towards the fence and continue with the fence on your left before reaching a stile. Cross the stile and turn immediately right before crossing a footbridge. Continue straight on along the path with the wall on your right. As the wall ends you will be able to see the waterfall below. Continue straight ahead turning right at the bottom to cross the burn via a wooden bridge.

Hethpool Linn


3. After crossing the burn turn left to cross another stile. Turn right and head uphill away 
from the burn. At the top go through the gate in the fence and turn right to join St Cuthbert's 
Way. Continue along this path through some newly planted trees before eventually reaching another fence. As you walk along the lower slopes of Wester Tor on your left look out for the wild cheviot goats who graze there.

4. Pass through the gate and follow the track through an area of recently felled trees following the track downhill towards the burn. Cross the bridge and turn right through a gate and follow the track up the hill back to the road. Turn left and follow the road past the cottages at Hethpool and back to the car park.

College Burn

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