Friday 3 August 2018


Duddo Village

Duddo is a small village in Northumberland situated on the B6364 about 8 miles form Berwick-Upon-Tweed near the village of Etal. The village boasts wonderful views of the Cheviot Hills and nearby are the ancient Duddo Five Stones. The remains of Duddo Tower, once part of the ancient manor of Duddo are situated at the southern end of this small attractive village.

Duddo Tower
Duddo Tower was originally an ancient Pele Tower situated on the south side of the village. In 1496 it was destroyed by the Scots and in the late 16th century replaced by a tower house which remained inhabited until the 17th century when it was abandoned and left total into ruin.

Duddo Tower

Duddo Five Stones
The Duddo Five Stones are a stone circle just north of the village, dating from the early Bronze Age. The stones are situated on land with views to both the Cheviot Hills and Lammernuir Hills. Although the stones are on private land a path has been cleared by the owner. From the village go through a gate and head up the path until you reach the stones.

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