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The attractive village of Alnmouth is situated on the picturesque Northumberland coast about 4 miles from the market town of Alnwick and 9 miles from Craster. The village with its glorious sandy beaches is located at the mouth of the River Aln with stunning views out to sea. The sand dunes are an excellent birdwatching spot and the beach a wonderful place to while away the hours. Once a busy port the village with its colourful houses and abundant wildlife is now popular with tourists seeking a tranquil place to relax, walk, soak up the history and even play a round of golf. 

The village has a selection of small shops, coffee shops and restaurants and just a short walk away is the attractive harbour and old Ferryman's Hut. The beach is split into three sections within Alnmouth Bay and on the opposite side of the estuary on top of the steep Church Hill is St Cuthbert's Cross, said to be the location where St Cuthbert agreed to become Bishop of Lindisfarne. The beach car park provides easy access to the both the beach and the village.

Alnmouth village (meaning "at the mouth of the River Aln") was founded in 1152 by William de Vesci, who was granted a charter to hold court and establish a settlement on a spit of land in the manor of Lesbury. In the early 13th century Eustace de Vesci was granted royal permission to establish a port and Wednesday fish market. The port supported a small fishing industry and engaged in national and international trade. For a time it was a leading north-east centre for the export of grain and other foodstuffs and specialised in the import of timber and slate. 

In 1806 a violent storm resulted in a notable change in the course of the river, resulting in the loss of the village's original church. The functioning of the port and its associated industries were disrupted and by the end of the 19th century port activities had declined and the port deteriorated. With the coming of the railway Alnmouth was transformed from a fishing port into a coastal resort, with a holiday camp, golf course, bathing house, beach huts and sea-view villas. 

The picturesque village remains a popular holiday destination and in 2020 was rated as among the "20 most beautiful villages in the UK and Ireland".

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