Sunday 23 August 2020

Paxton To Loanend And The River Tweed Loop Cycle

This picturesque cycle takes you on a circular route from Paxton to the hamlet of Loanend along the banks of the River Tweed at West Ord and back to Paxton. A stop at the river is highly recommended, either to walk or sit and picnic with the sheep. The cycle is 10.7 miles and will take about 1hr. Allow extra time for a stop by the river.

1. From Paxton village turn right onto the B6461 towards Kelso passing Paxton House. Continue along this road for a while before turning left towards the Chain Bridge Honey Farm, signposted to Horncliffe and Tweedhill. After a while the road descends the hill towards the River Tweed.

Union Chain Bridge

River Tweed From The Union Chain Bridge
2. Cycle across the Union Chain Bridge into Northumberland, Turn right at the end to ascend the hill past the honey farm. Stop at the top to admire the wonderful view of the River Tweed and the bridge. Continue  along this road, passing a large house on the right before turning left toward the hamlet of Loanend. Continue on this road past Loanend until the road bends to the right. Turn left at the bend and head towards West Ord. 

River Tweed And The Union Chain Bridge
3. Proceed along this road passing a farm and some cottages until you reach river below. Continue along this road with wonderful views of the River Tweed on your right and proceed down a fairly steep hill before reaching the banks of the river at the bottom. This is a beautiful spot to sit and relax, watching the river as it meanders slowly past. Continue along the road as it bears to the left and up a hill before reaching the hamlet of Loanend. 

Looking Back Up The Hill

4. Turn right and continue along this road before taking a turning on the right toward the Chain Bridge Honey Farm. Proceed downhill past the Honey Farm to the Union Chain Bridge.

5. Cycle over the bridge and back into Scotland. Proceed up the hill and at the end of the road turn right onto the B6461. Continue along this road turning left at Paxton House and then right back into Paxton village. 

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