Saturday 11 July 2020

Paxton House And The River Tweed Walk

This lovely walk will take you through the grounds of the elegant Paxton House and along the banks of the majestic River Tweed before returning to Paxton

1. Leave the Cross Inn in Paxton, passing the church before turning left into Schoolers Row. At the junction turn left onto the B6460 and walk down the road towards Paxton House at 
the end.

2. Cross the road and proceed through the gates of Paxton House and down the long drive. After crossing the bridge at the end of the drive head straight across the grass towards a path leading downhill towards the river. The path will take you past a children's play area and then descend sharply down to the boat house at the bottom.

Paxton House

River Tweed

3. Turn left to walk along the river bank away from Paxton House. Carry on over a little bridge and past a path leading up through the trees. Continue along the river bank passing some fishing shiels until you reach a grassy area and an old road on your left. This is old boundary road.

4. Retrace your steps back along the river bank until you reach the little bridge. Turn right and proceed along a path uphill through the woods.

5. Carry on through the woods passing a burn on your left until eventually you will arrive back on the main drive near the bridge. Turn right and retrace your steps back to the main road and back to Paxton.

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