Tuesday, 24 July 2018



Hutton is a small village about 2 miles from Paxton and lies just off the B6460.  This picturesque village is surrounded by farmland and is not far from the Whiteadder Water.

Hutton Church
The original village church was built in 1243 and was replaced in 1765. This was again replaced in 1835 and continues to be used today.

The Whiteadder Water flows a short distance away from the village and a footpath runs from near the church to the river. A walk past fields and beside the river brings you to Hutton Bridge. About 2.5 miles from the village to the where the Bluestone Ford crosses the river. This can be reached by car or about a 50 minute walk passing a farm and turning right down a steep hill. Ducks and Swans swim peacefully by in a this beautiful tranquil spot.

Bluestone Ford



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