Monday 20 August 2018

Harthope Valley

Harthope Valley From The Carey Burn Bridge
The Harthope Valley is in the Cheviot Hills within the Northumberland National Park. For many is the starting point for a climb to the top of The Cheviot, the highest point in the hills. The Harthope is a picturesque valley approached via a steep hill and occupied by the Harthope Burn.

There are numerous walks along the valley floor and up into the hills. The beautiful Carey Burn Waterfall is reached from the Carey Burn Bridge following a footpath to the right. Other routes lead up and over the hills. The Cheviot is approached further in the valley after the road ends at Langleeford

Carey Burn In The Harthope Valley
Carey Burn Waterfall

Below are  some of the things to see and do whilst visiting the valley.

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