Sunday 5 August 2018


Ayton Church
Ayton is a village in the Scottish Borders about 4 miles from Eyemouth and about a mile from the A1. Ayton is named after the Eye Water which flows through the village. In addition to the ancient Clock Tower House the village is dominated by Ayton Castle and the spire of Ayton Parish Church.

Ayton Castle
Ayon castle is the seat of the Scottish feudal barony of Ayton. Originally a peel tower, which was a stronghold of the Home family occupied the site until it burned down in 1834. The estate was purchased by William Mitchell who commissioned a new castle on the site which was completed in 1851 and in the late 19th century further additions were made to the castle. In 1895 the barony of Ayton was sold to Henry Liddell-Grainger and today is still owned by his descendant Ian Liddel-Grainger, who is the feudal baron and proprietor of the castle.

Ayton Castle

Ayton Castle

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