Tuesday 14 August 2018

Hutton To The Bluestone Ford Walk

The Bluestone Ford in the Scottish Borders is about 2.5 miles from Hutton and will take about 50 minutes. It a beautiful, tranquil spot and is worth the walk.

1. Leave Hutton Church and turn right at the junction.  Proceed along this road passing the cemetery on your left and out into the countryside.. Eventually you will pass some cottages and a farm on the right. Continue past and down the hill. At the bottom  of the hill turn right.

Hutton Church

2. Continue along this road and down a steep hill. You will start to see the river on your right as you near the bottom of the hill.

3. At the bottom of the hill the road levels out and you will see a footbridge on the right, the perfect place to view the river and the ford. Continue along the road and you will reach the ford on your right.

Blustone Ford

Bluestone Ford

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