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Bexhill-on-Sea is a quiet seaside resort in East Sussex between Eastbourne and Hastings. The town is littered with Edwardian and Victorian buildings both in the town and lining the promenade. The De La Warr Pavilion on the seafront was constructed in 1935 and is a centre for contemporary art. it also has an auditorium and has hosted a number of popular music artists. 

Bexhill was originally known as Bexelei and was in a charter granted by King Offa of Mercia in 772 AD. In 771 AD King Offa had defeated the men of :Hastings" and had established a church and religious community in Bexhill. During the Norman Conquest a large amount of Bexhill was destroyed and he manor was given to Robert, Count of Eu by William the Conqueror. The manor was given back to the bishops of Chichester in 1148 and it is thought that at the same time the bishops built the first Manor House. This was replaced in 1250 and fortified in 1447, the remains of which can be seen in the Old Town today. In 1296 a large part of Bexhill became a park for hunting. 

In 1561 Queen Elizabeth I took possession of Bexhill Manor and subsequently gave it to Sir Thomas Sackville, Earl of Dorset. The manor was owned by the Earls of Dorset until the mid 19th century. In 1865 the manor was inherited by Elizabeth Sackville and her husband the 5th Earl De La Warr. Bexhill remained a small rural village until the late 19th century when the 7th Earl De La Warr decided to transform it into an exclusive seaside resort. During the following decades the promenade was constructed and hotels built. Bexhill was transformed into a small seaside town and became a popular holiday destination. The building of the De La Warr Pavilion was championed by Herbrand Edward Dundinald Brassey Sackville, the 9th Earl De La Warr and was opened in 1935. 

This quiet seaside resort is a popular holiday destination and is well known as an attractive retirement town.

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