Tuesday 10 July 2018

Greenknowe Tower

Greenknowe Tower

Greenknowe Tower is a 16th century tower house situated just outside the village of Gordon on the A6105. It was once a family home but has been uninhabited and derelict since the mid 19th century. Although some of the floors are inaccessible the 1st floor and top floor are open to the public via some stone stairs. The rooms have retained the old fireplaces helping to visualise the rooms as they once were.

Greenknowe Tower was built by James Seaton in 1581. The date can be seen above the entrance doorway along with the initials of both James and his wife, Jane Edmonstone. In the late 15th century the area, which was originally owned by the Norman de Gordon family was passed through marriage to Alexander Seton and eventually to his grandson James, The tower was a fortified  L shaped, four storeyed family home, surrounded by a walled courtyard and buildings such as a bakehouse and stables. 

In 1637 the estate of West Gordon, which included Greenknowe Tower was purchased by Walter Pringle of Stichel and in 1720, through his marriage to Isobel Pringle passed to Adam Failholmn. The tower was extended and had its windows enlarged, remaining in the Pringle family until 1840 when it was sold to the Dalrymple family. By this time it had been abandoned and was derelict. In 1937 Greenknolwe Tower was put into the care of the state. 


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