Tuesday, 10 July 2018


Rhymers Tower

Rhymers Tower is located in the small town of Earlston, on the A68 and close to Melrose. It is a derelict tower, thought to be the home of Thomas the Rhymer.

Thomas the Rhymer  (Thomas de Ercildoun) was born in Earlston about 1220 and died about 1297. He was a Scottish Laird and the author of many prophetic verses. The tale of Thomas the Rhymer and the Queen of Elfland were the inspiration for the ballad by the folk group Steelye Span.

The tower is now derelict but it can be seen from the road beside the petrol station or from the cafe beside it.

Rhymers Tower

Thomas The Rhymer And The Queen Of Elfland



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