Saturday 27 June 2020

June In Paxton And The Borders

June has been a most schizophrenic month, from the first two blazing hot days, though a week of bitter northerly winds to a week of interminable grey like February which required the heating being used on the 13th to an end of month heatwave of some of the hottest weather experienced for years here. 

The garden’s roses are in their first glorious flush of the summer and while some of the clematis have stooped flowering now, others are in full bloom. 

As I write today it is so hot we have retreated indoors, joined by our three cats, all of whom are over-heated. To think that a week ago we had coats on! Most odd. That is what summers are like here, they can range from slate grey skies and shivering cold to blazing heat within a few days. Ten degree drops in temperatures between days are not unusual. 

By the end of the month fresher weather was back again. Several seasons in one month - it has certainly seemed that way. 

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