Wednesday 27 March 2019

Pevensey Bay

Pevensey Bay Beach

Pevensey Bay is a coastal village in East Sussex about one mile from the village of Pevensey and not far from the seaside town of Eastbourne. The area was originally a shingle spit of land attached to Eastbourne protecting the harbour at Pevensey Castle. Over time silting  and land reclamation created the Pevensey Levels.  Pevensey Bay was originally an old fishing village founded in the 1600's as Wallsend, the end of the sea wall from Eastbourne. During the Napoleonic War Martello towers were built between Eastbourne and Pevensey Bay, many of which still stand today. 

Pevensey Bay is a quiet resort with a peaceful unspoilt beach easily reached from Eastbourne or the nearby villages of Pevensey and Westham

Pevensey Bay Beach

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