Monday 25 March 2019


The Litlington White Horse

The small picturesque village of Litlington is situated in the South Downs in East Sussex. The village sits on the banks of the Cuckmere River overlooked by the sweeping downs and the white horse cut into the hills. The nearby Hindover Hill offers stunning views of the Cuckmere Valley, where a walk from the village along the river bank brings you to the ancient village of Alfriston.

The village name is of Saxon origin meaning Litle's (Followers of family's) homestead. In 1786 the secret marriage took place in the village church between Mrs Maria Fitzherbert of Clapham House and the Prince Regent (the couple were married as Mr and Mrs Payne). At the end of the 1800's a white horse was cut into the chalky hillside above the village.  

The Cuckmere River Near Litlington

The Cuckmere River Near Litlington From Hindover Hill

St Michael The Archangel Church
This ancient flint stone church was built in 1150 with various additions from the 13th to 15th centuries.  In the mid 19th century extensive renovations were undertaken. 

St Michael The Archangel Church

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