Sunday 2 August 2020

Kelso Abbey

Kelso Abbey was founded in 1128 by Tironensian monks at the invitation of King David I. In 1152 King David's son, Henry, Earl of Northumbria was interred in the abbey. Due to its close proximity to the English border during the Wars of Scottish Independence the abbey came under attack but always defended its Scottish identity. 

The first 200 years were a turbulent time for the abbey and the monks. In 1460 the infant king, James III, following the death of his father James II, was crowned in Kelso Abbey and life became more settled. However, after 1517 the abbey was agan under attack by the English.

In the 1540's, under the orders of Henry VIII Kelso Abbey, Dryburgh Abbey and Jedburgh Abbey were all targeted for destruction. During this time the abbey sustained major damage and in 1560 was disestablished. The abbey continued to suffer further attacks and by 1587 was declared derelict. the abbey slowly fell into ruin and all that remains today are the west tower and part of the infirmary.

Kelso Abbey

The West Tower, Kelso Abbey

Other Abbeys Nearby
  Dryburgh Abbey
   Jedburgh Abbey
     Melrose Abbey

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