Sunday 30 June 2019

Balloch Castle

Balloch Castle is a 19th century country house in Balloch, West Dunbartonshire. The castle situated within Balloch Castle Country Park overlooks Loch Lomond and is surrounded by parkland and beautiful gardens. The Castle was built as a residence in 1808 - 1809 by John Buchanan of Ardoch, a Glasgow merchant. who after purchasing the estate demolished the ruins of the old 13th century castle and had the current building erected, a Tudor Gothic house with decorative turrets and crenellations. Buchanan also established the parkland and gardens around the castle. 

In the early 1830's Buchanan sold the castle and moved into his recently rebuilt Boturich Castle. Balloch Castle passed through several owners and further improvements to the park were made. In 1915 the estate was purchased by the Corporation of the City of Glasgow. The subsequent Glasgow City Council continue to own the estate and in 1971 the house became a category A building. 

In 1980 the 200 acre parkland was recognised as a country park, featuring a walled garden, nature trails, picnic areas and lawns complete with fabulous views of the Loch. 

The Old Castle
In 1072 the lands of Balloch were granted to the Lennox family by King Malcolm III, forming part of the ancient earldom of Lennox, The earls built the original castle around 1238 and held it until about 1390 when they moved to the Island of Inchmurrin in Loch Lomond. The castle, built near to the water overlooking the Loch continued in the hands of the Darnley branch of the House of Lennox until 1852 when James, fourth Duke of Lennox, sold Balloch Castle to Sir John Colquhoun of Luss. Unfortunately the old castle was allowed to fall into to ruin and all that remains today is an irregular mound and moat. 

Balloch Castle From Loch Lomond

Balloch Castle Country Park

The Walled Garden

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