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The historic city of Ely is a Cathedral city in Cambridgeshire about 14 miles from Cambridge. Ely is built on a clay island, which is the highest land on the fens. It is thought that the area was occupied during the Bronze Age and evidence of both Iron Age and Roman occupation exists.

Ely Cathedral
In 673 an abbey was built on the Isle of Ely which was destroyed by Danish Invaders in 870 and rebuilt in 970.  In 1083 Simeon, a Norman Abbot started work on a cathedral in Ely. Work on the cathedral continued until 1593 when during the reformation the abbey was dissolved. Restoration was finally undertaken between 1845 and 1870.

Ely Cathedral

Ely Castle
The Norman Castle built by William I on Cherry Hill in 1070 was destroyed about 1268. No remains of the castle exist today.

Oliver Cromwell's House
Oliver Cromwell lived in Ely from 1636 to 1646. He inherited a 16th century property and the position of local tax collector from his mother's brother, Sir Thomas Steward. His old house is well worth visiting.


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