Monday 23 July 2018

William Wallace Statue

William Wallace Statue
The William Wallace Statue is situated in the grounds of Bemersyde Estate not far from Melrose. The statue was commissioned by the 11th Earl of Buchan, David Steuart Erskine and erected in 1814. The 31ft statue of William Wallace looking over the river is made of red sandstone and towers above the woodland.

The Bemersyde  Estate is situated on the B6356 not far from Scott's View and Dryburgh Abbey. The imposing statue is situated within woodland about 5-10 mins walk away from the small car park. The pleasant walk takes you through a peaceful avenue of trees before reaching the statue.

William Wallace, a Scottish knight was one of the main leaders during the War of Scottish Independence. In 1297 Wallace and Andrew Moray defeated an English army at the Battle of Stirling. Unfortunately Wallace was defeated at the Battle of Falkirk in 1298 and in 1305 was captured and handed over to King Edward I of England. On 23rd August 1305 Wallace was executed and his head placed on a spike on London Bridge.

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