Thursday, 30 August 2018

Linhope Spout Walk

This peaceful walk through the serene hamlet of Linhope and alongside woodland to the dramatic Linhope Spout and back is about 3 miles and will take about 1hr 30 minutes. Allow yourself plenty of time to stop at the waterfall and picnic, or swim if you wish. The first half of this walk is along a small road and the second half is over grass and stones. There is a small climb down some rocks when you reach the waterfall, but it is worth the effort. 

From Wooler head south on the A697 toward Morpeth and Alnwick. Continue on this road for about 8 miles passing a timber yard on the left. Not long after the timber yard turn right towards Ingram and the Breamish Valley. Carry on this road for about 3 miles before crossing a bridge over the river.( If you wish to stop at the cafe in Ingram village pass the car park on the left and take the left turn to the cafe and church). Passing the car park on the left continue along this road, past some houses and over a cattle grid. 

Soon you will pass a car park and toilets on your right and the hill of Brough Law on the left. Carry on along this road beside the River Breamish before crossing a bridge and eventually arriving at Hartside. Vehicles are not allowed any further but you are able to park on the grass and walk the rest of the way.

Brough Law

Near Hartside

1. Park on the grass verge on the left and proceed down the road towards the tranquil hamlet of Linhope. 

Approaching Linhope

2. Carry on through Linhope passing over the River Breamish, taking a left turn at the signpost  and then right to walk up the side of a field to a gate.

River Breamish


3. Proceed through the gate and follow the stony path up the hill keeping the wood to your right. When you reach the top take the left hand path across the top of the hill which drops down towards some trees. Here you will see the waterfall below.

4. Clamber down the stones to the waterfall where there are plenty of spots to sit by the pool or river and admire this amazing sight. There are lots of places to sit and relax and enjoy a picnic.

Linhope Spout

5. Retrace your steps back to Hartside. For a longer walk park at Ingram or near Brough Law. 

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Allanton And Kelloe Cycle

This cycle is 18.4 miles and will take about 1hr 30 minutes. it will take you from Paxton to the village of Allanton, across the Kelloe Bridge and back via the village of Whitsome.

1. Starting from the Cross inn head out of the village passing the church on your right and the village hall your left. Continue uphill and follow the road as it bears to the left at the top.

The Cross Inn

Paxton Church
2. Continue along this road for about 2 miles passing Clarabad Farm and the turning to Foulden on your right before reaching the village of Hutton. Take the first right at Hutton following the road through the village. 


3. Continue along this road, passing a cemetery on the left until you reach Hutton Mains and some cottages on your right. Continue past the mains, down the hill and past the egg farm on the right (do not take the right turn at the bottom of the hill). Go up a steep hill and just over the brow take a right turn towards Broomdykes. 

4. Along this road you will pass some brightly coloured cottages on your left. Cycle through the mains and past some houses on the right carrying on along this road until the junction. Turn right and proceed down the hill and through the village of Allanton. At the bottom of the hill turn left just before the bridge and proceed over the Blackadder Water and up the hill.


5. Follow the road for about two miles before reaching a junction with the A6105. Turn left and then take the next left turn towards Kelloe. Continue along this road, passing over Kelloe Bridge before arriving at the junction with the B6460.

Kelloe Bridge

6. Turn left and then take the next right towards Ravelaw B&B. Carry on past the guest house and after passing some houses on the right and up a small hill you will arrive at a T junction with the B6437. Follow the road up the hill and through the village of Whitsome before turning right at "Smiths Skip Hire".


7. Follow the road up a small hill and take the first turning on the left. You will see a Hilton sign on the right as you turn. This is a long road and will take you up a hill and past Hilton Mains on your right and some cottages on the left. Continue along this road for another mile before the road bends to the left (Winfield Farm on the right). This road continues for quite a while until after passing through a tunnel of trees you will arrive at the junction with the main road. 

8. Turn left at the junction and join the B6461 to return to Paxton. Turn left opposite Paxton House and then turn right into Paxton. At the end of the road turn right to arrive back at the Cross Inn.

Monday, 20 August 2018

Harthope Valley

Harthope Valley From The Carey Burn Bridge
The Harthope Valley is in the Cheviot Hills within the Northumberland National Park. For many is the starting point for a climb to the top of The Cheviot, the highest point in the hills. The Harthope is a picturesque valley approached via a steep hill and occupied by the Harthope Burn.

There are numerous walks along the valley floor and up into the hills. The beautiful Carey Burn Waterfall is reached from the Carey Burn Bridge following a footpath to the right. Other routes lead up and over the hills. The Cheviot is approached further in the valley after the road ends at Langleeford

Carey Burn In The Harthope Valley
Carey Burn Waterfall

Below are  some of the things to see and do whilst visiting the valley.

Sunday, 19 August 2018

River Breamish

River Breamish

The River Beamish is a river in Northumberland that flows through the Northumberland National Park before joining the River Till near Wooler. The Breamish rises on Comb Fell in the Cheviot Hills before meandering its way through The Breamish Valley. A tributary of the Beamish is the Linhope Burn from which the Linhope Spout Waterfall lies about 1km North of the village of Linhope.

The Breamish is a tranquil river which gently flows through the Breamish Valley flanked by tall rolling hills on its way past the village of Ingram and through the lower hills before leaving the Park and joining the River Till. The low grassy banks create the ideal spot for family picnics or fishing.

Near Bully's Wood


Northumberland National Park

The Northumberland National Park stretches from the Scottish Border to Hadrian's Wall and covers about a quarter of the county. The Park borders Cumbria and the Scottish Borders. adjoins the Southern Uplands of Scotland and has the Pennine Way running through it.

The Park has several distinct areas, to the North are the dramatic Cheviot Hills and to the West is the vast Kielder Water and Forest Park whilst the southern area encompasses the central section of Hadrian's Wall. From rock climbing and hill walking to mountain biking and picnicking the Northumberland National Park has something for everyone.

Below are some of the Places to visit within the Park.

Kielder Water and Forest Park

Cheviot Hills


Breamish Valley

Breamish Valley From Brough Law

The Breamish Valley is a beautiful river valley winding its way through the high rolling Cheviot Hills. The combination of steep sided dramatic hills, a peaceful river and quaint villages create the perfect backdrop for what can be both an exhilarating or relaxing day out.

The hills are littered with the remans of hill forts and burial grounds from the Neolithic and Bronze Age making the valley one of England's most important archeological areas. The hill fort trail starting on Brough Law is the ideal way to uncover the valley's hidden secrets.

The beautiful Linhope Spout is a short walk from Hartside (where the valley road reaches an end), deep in the hills and is a stunning sight. The River Breamish meanders its way along the valley floor, the wide grassy banks creating the perfect picnic spots along the way from the steep sided valley near Linhope to the gentler slopes at Ingram.

Cheviot Hills

Breamish Valley

Hill Fort On Brough Law

View From Brough Law

Near Linhope

Linhope Spout

River Breamish Near Bully's Wood

River Breamish Near Bully's Wood

River Breamish At Ingram

The Breamish Valley is a wonderful tranquil spot and is the ideal place to walk, cycle, climb and picnic. Below are some of the things to see and do whilst visiting the valley.

Brough Law


Ingram to Brough Law walk

Linhope Spout

Linhope Spout Walk

Brough Law

Brough Law

Brough Law is one of the Cheviot Hills in the Northumberland National Park and forms part of the beautiful Breamish Valley. At the summit are the remains of an ancient stone hill fort and stunning views of the River Breamish and Valley below. There is parking just below the hill or alternatively in the village of Ingram which is about 30 minutes walk from Brough Law (Ingram to Brough Law Walk).

The climb up the hill is signposted and although the climb is fairly steep there are a few places to stop and rest. Alternatively head down the valley towards Ingram and turn right to take a gentler ascent around the other side of the hill. At the top are the remains of very impressive hill fort with a large stone defensive circle. From here the views across the valley are breathtaking.

Hill Fort And Views

Hill Fort
Stunning Views

Breamish Valley

Wooler Common

Cheviot Hills Near Wooler Common

Wooler Common is situated on the edge of the Cheviot Hills in the Northumberland National Park, just outside the town of Wooler. Wooler Common is a mixture of woodland, common land and hills and is a good place to start exploring the Cheviot Hills.

A good place to start is from the car park which is about 1 mile from Wooler. The woodland park is a quiet scenic area with the Humbleton Burn trickling through. It is the ideal place for shorter less strenuous walking. 
Across the road are bridleways and footpaths leading up into the hills. The hills are not too strenuous and a circular walk from Wooler Common via the village of Earle will take about 1hr 30 minutes.

Wooler Common is the perfect place from which to start exploring the Cheviot Hills.

Wooler Common Woodland

Wooler Common